Every season Rochedale Rays participates in 5 carnivals. The carnivals are usually held on Saturday afternoons throughout the season and typically start at 2pm and run for around 4 hours. Some clubs prefer to run a Twilight Meet and start later in the afternoon. We typically have 2 or 3 Home carnivals per season with the remainder held at other clubs in surrounding suburbs.

Carnivals are an enjoyable afternoon for all involved and kids love to get together and cheer on their teammates in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.

Carnivals are also very important for fundraising efforts for the host club. There is usually a small entry fee (usually $5 per family) as well as raffles and canteen.

Carnival Format

The carnival format is know as a "3-Way point score meet" which means that there are 3 teams involved with points allocated for race placings and team totals calculated at the end of the meet to decide team placings for the event.

In this format there is only one race per Age/Gender/Stroke. Each club is allocated 2 lanes per race, so only 2 swimmers from each club can enter any given race. Rochedale Rays typically runs races from 6 and under through to 15 and over.  This may vary slightly from club to club.

There are also 3 relay age groups (9 & under, 10-12 and 13 & over). Separate Medley and Freestyle relay events and held for both girls and boys. Relays are an integral part of any carnival, typically providing the most enjoyment and excitement for all involved.

Carnival Eligibility

Every member of the club is eligible for carnivals. If you would like to participate in a carnival then please nominate. There is a selection process involved but there are no qualification times or other criteria that must be met to be considered eligible for selections. 

Carnival Nominations

Nominations for each carnival are done online through this website. Nominations close at 6pm on the Monday prior to the carnival.

Participation in carnivals is strongly encouraged and participation in them forms a part of eligibility for club championships held at the end of the season. Please refer to the club rules for more information.

Carnival Grades

Each carnival has a grading (B, C or D). The application of this grading varies from club to club as each club typically only has a limited number of swimmers available for any given carnival. There are no qualification times or criteria applied to the carnivals that we participate in. Rochedale Rays uses the grading to determine our selection guidelines (more on this below). We encourage all members to nominate for all carnivals that they are available to attend.

Carnival Selections

The carnival selection committee meets at 7pm on the Monday prior to the carnival to select the team. Selections are only made from those swimmers who have indicated that they are available to participate in the carnival.

The carnival selection committee endeavours to select everyone that has nominated however in the event we have a lot of swimmers available for a carnival it may not be possible. When this happens the carnival selection committee will apply selection guidelines based on the grading of the carnival.  Typically a "full" team is somewhere around 50 swimmers.  If only 40 swimmers nominate it's likely they would all be selected, but if 70 swimmers nominate there may simply not be enough spaces to utilise them all.

B grade carnivals: select the fastest 2 available swimmers for every race, in appropriate age groups and genders. If there are additional swimmers available and times are comparable some discretion may be applied to allow more swimmers to participate

C grade carnivals: select the fastest swimmer available for every race and share the remaining lane around between other swimmers.

D grade carnivals: preference those that have not been selected in previous carnivals and those that typically don't get to swim in their own age group or gender at other carnivals