How to nominate for Club Nights

Please note that online nominations close at 9pm on Thursday night.

Nominating online helps club nights run smoothly and get started on time, however you can nominate on club night in person if required, this MUST been done before 6:45pm.

First Log In to the site.  If you haven't signed up already please follow the instructions on how to sign up first.

Note that the screen grabs below are from a computer, the layout is a little different on small devices (like phones) but the process is the same.

From the Members item on the menu, select Nominations > Club Nights

On the "Meet Nominations" page select the meet (Club Night) and then select your swimmer to reveal the nominations for that swimmer.

Select the events that your swimmer wants to enter and then click the "Save" button.

The "Undo" button will simply reload the current page, erasing any changes you have made on it.

The "Clear" button will set all entries on the page to "Not Entered".

*Note that there is no confirmation email sent out after saving your nominations. You can check your nominations at any time by simply going back to the nominations page. You can also change your nominations any time before the entries close - which is 9pm Thursday night before club night.