Stroke Correction Training

We are excited to announce that Rochedale Rays has partnered with Pim's swim school to provide stroke correction and skills training in our pool at Rochedale State School.

Please note that this training is only available to club members but there is no expectation that members participate.

We have members from Learn to Swim or Junior and Senior Swim Squads from various locations around Rochedale and neighbouring districts. Some swimmers don't do any form of training at all.

We know that everyone's training needs and circumstances are different and this training is simply another alternative.

Coach Lance Morgan is very passionate about kids learning proper swimming technique and knows this is something that often falls away after kids leave regular Learn to Swim programs. Using proper technique not only helps swimmers unleash their full potential in races but also greatly improves their confidence in the pool. This training is aimed at swimmers that have progressed past Learn to Swim but find that regular squad training is not really their thing, at least not yet! Training will focus on technique in all 4 strokes along with starts, turns and a little bit of fun stuff too!

Lance practices what he preaches. He is currently an Australian Masters swimming champion, trains several times a week and competes regularly.

Lance and his daughter are both members of Rochedale Rays and participate in club nights and carnivals.

You’ll see him on club nights around the pool offering encouragement and guidance to anyone that wants to listen.  You'll also see him in the adult races showing us all how it’s done.


Training will be held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-7pm during terms 4 and 1 and is only available to club members. Your child may attend any session and may attend both if desired.


Lessons are sold as a 5 session pass for $60 ($12 per session). Passes are per swimmer and are non transferable or refundable.


  • Bathing Cap - all swimmers must wear a bathing cap while in the pool. Their Rays cap is perfect but any cap is fine.
  • Kick Board and Pull Buoy - we have a limited number of kick boards and pull buoys which can be used by swimmers as they start out. In time however it is expected that all swimmers acquire their own equipment. We currently have some sets available for $25 but there is no requirement to purchase from us.
  • Fins/Flippers -swimmers will also need a pair of swim training fins/flippers

Rays can help with the recommendation and bulk purchase of this equipment from time to time.

For more information about training or equipment please contact Tony via